Christmas Hope was created with the intention of bringing Hope and a Christmas Meal to those around the world. It was started with a husband and wife team who wanted to give back after being healed from cancer. Over the last fifteen years, it has grown from providing for 10 families toproviding for 2,500 families in 19 countries!

Christmas Hope now provides meals in the following countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Cuba, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela,USA, Vietnam. New additions in 2023: Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Argentina.

OUR 2023 GOAL:

Provide 400 meals for North County Families and

Provide 500 meals for International Families

Christmas Hope at Coast City

December 16th at 9 am 

420 N. El Camino Real 

Oceanside, CA 92058




There are lots of ways to help! Invite and spread the word to neighbors who need help, pack meals, distrute meals in December. 


If you or someone you know could use groceries for a Christmas meal, you can sign up to receive a meal below.  


Contribute to cover the cost of a meal for a family. International meals cost $20. Local Family meals cost $40.